Netlea External prefilter F-3.5L

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Netlea External prefilter F-3.5L

Utility model invention patent

Large filter space

High-density filter cotton

Strong and durable


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Details About Netlea External prefilter F-3.5L

Utility model

Utility model invention patent

Utility model technical solution
The purification effect is visible
To care about the water quality and maintain the water environment is the pursuit of the filter.

Physical filtration
White T-style filter cotton design
The large surface area in contact with impurities greatly reduces the chance of filter cotton clogging
The humanized design of the white filter cotton makes the impurities visible and easier to clean.

Prefilter structure
analysis layer by layer
Every process is superb from the barrel body and lid to the joint nut and seal ring

The filter surface area is visible

Large filter space
Calculation formula of filter cotton surface area:
S filter cotton table = S bottom area + S side area = πr^2+2πrh

Netlea prefilter vs same inner dai prefilter=6.5(times)
From the above data:
① The usage rate of the outer surface area of ​​the filter cotton is more than 92%
② The surface area of the filter cotton is 6,5 times large the other products
Note: The above dimensions and data are for reference only.
Please refer to the actual product for specific data.

High-density filter cotton

① Use the high-density filter cotton to filter the impurities
② The usage rate of the outer surface area of ​​the filter cotton is more than 92%. Reduce the chance of
blockage, don’t worry about high density easily cause blockage. No need to replace the filter element
offenly, extending the use time. The filter surface area can be seen.

Large water flow
The inner of in/out parts bigger than the others,Enhance the water flow, High performance, high
quality, efficient water purification.
The inner dia of the filter“Dia15mm”

Combine the existing technology
The usage rate of the outer surface area of ​​the filter cotton is more than 92%. Overcome the frequent
clogging and the lack of unsatisfactory filtering effect greatly enhances the filtering effect.

5 advantages to choose the prefilter
Not practical but more practical

Note: Comparison between Ntlea filter cotton and similar products on the market
by the same inner diameter and the same height

Strong and durable
The wall thickness of The Netlea prefilter is 3.48mm, the net weight is 0.751kg. The bottom frame designed
with WELL style, so it is more durable than similar products.

Assembly of the prefilter
Spiral design

Quick disassembly, installation, easy operation
High sealing, no leakage, firm and stable, easy to install


Good quality and worry-free

Prefilter Setup
The prefilter needs to work together with the filter. Effectively physically filter the remaining bait and feces
in the tank. Thereby reducing the maintenance frequency of the filter, and achieve better water purification.

Product information ABS material,sturdy and strong

Name: Prefilter
Material: ABS
Inner and outer dia of the connector:16mm quick connector(Inner14mm),
12mm quick connector(inner10.5mm)

Accessories:1x top stable plate,1x bottom stable plate,1 connecting rod, 2x quick connector,1x filter cotton
Specification of the connector

Spec.1:16 mm quick connector,suit for the16mm hose
Spec.2:12 mm quick connector ,suit for the12mm hose
users can choose the right quick connector according to the size of their equipment interface

Effect pictures
Stylish and beautiful appearance, small and exquisite

Stress testing is dangerous, and it is limited to testing and evaluation under the safety measures of the
Netlea laboratory. The user is not allowed to run this pressure test or use it as a pressure vessel, any
dangerous consequences will be responsible by-self.

Filter effect
About 12 mins filter time

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