Netlea External filter NO.2W

Netlea External filter No.2W

Innovative positive pressure design

Real DC frequency conversion, no fake marked

No air gathering

Ultra-quiet operation

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Dia 22*40cm







Details About Netlea External filter NO.2W

Innovative positive pressure design
Fish tank external filter 2021

Filter easily Enjoy the clear water
Netlea positive pressure design combine with “ultra-quiet, no air collection, no short circuit,
large capacity One-bottom start” and many other features in one

Have you ever met the following problems?
Netlea filter solves the following common problems at one time

Innovative positive pressure design
Netlea designed the motor at the bottom, use the positive pressure principle
to circulate the water circuit.

Adopting an innovative patented positive pressure design, Netlea designed the motor at the
bottom use Positive pressure principle to circulating water circuit and achieve the effect of no
air gathering.

The bedroom level Silent experience
Ultra-quiet operation

Adopt excellent waterway design and internal structure Solve the shortcomings of another filter
such as frequent air gathering, slow exhaust and loud noise when used in the living room,
bedroom, study, and other environments, it can achieve the bedroom-level mute effect.

Large filtration flow
The flow rate is more than 80% higher than the same level filter on the market.
Reach up to 600L/h

Small size but large capacity
Under the coexistence structure of the water pump and the water outlet bin, more filter materials
can be accommodated, and the coverage rate of the filter area is as high as 90% or more.

Real frequency, no fake marked
2-speed frequency conversion adjustment is more worry-free
and the flow rate is not false. Independent control panel adjustable
water pump rotor speed Realize real flow control

Principle of water in and out
Avoid short circuit of water flow, and design the bottom layer to realize facultative
anaerobic bacteria culture area.Together with the upper layer of nitrifying bacteria
to achieve high-efficiency water filtration.

Suggested Use

Note:the filter can be directly connected to the water pipe according to the method of ①,
or the Pre-filter bucket can be added according to the method②

The new structure is more effective

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