Base fertilizer

Netlea  Soil bottom mate

Provide natural plant growth hormone

5 kinds of soil mate

Improve plant root activity

Stabilize the bed PH

prevent breeding the blue-green algae

Additional information

Item No.

Bottom mate


5 kinds of powder

Details About Base fertilizer

Base fertilizer
Double fertility and lasting effect
Everything comes from nature, only for aquatic plants

Have you ever met the same problems?
Lack of aquatic elements in the planting process of aquatic plants leads to rotten roots and leaves
Poor growth and lack of mineral elements.

Compound amino acid
Mixed production with the Humus organic soil that rich in amino acids and trace elements and the
slow-release inorganic core double fertility, the lasting release of fertility.

Endurance fertility
Using the latest slow-release packing technology, fertility is released for up to 12 months. Can provide
corresponding nutrients for different periods when setting up the tank.

Promote growth
Ultra-concentrated base fertilizer is rich in mineral elements, which is not only prevents root and leaf
rotten but also promotes aquatic plant growth and the strong root system can also make the stems
and leaves flourish and the colors are more vivid and green.

Humus organic soil
The weakly acidic soil is formed by the long-term accumulation of humus in the humid subtropical region
which is rich in organic matter. using advanced packaging technology to effectively slow-release, after
long-term use still won’t bursting, floating, etc.

Product Spec.
Base fertilizer is the solid fertilizer that supplies the needed fertilizer for the growth and development of
aquatic plants.

How to use
First of all, lay 1cm thick bottom sand(Aquatic soil) when set-up the tank, spray to the base fertilizer evenly
of the bottom soil, and then cover with the remaining aquatic soil, normally the bottom soil will be 5-8cm
thick. To prevent the base fertilizer comes out please cover the surface with plastic film or other stuff
when filling in the water, also control the water flow speed.

Product display
Natural soil as raw materials.The latest slow-release packaging technology and lasting fertility.

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