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Colour temperature:2000~15000k

Modify Colour temperature: YES.

Flat surface light source

Led beeds:30pcs

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2.06 kg



Color temperature




Details About WRG65

  • High light efficiency
    180 flat light source lighting, uniform light reception, more natural color of aquatic plants.
    15000K blue and white light, bright and clear.

    The wavelength of the WRG LED beads specially designed for aquatic plants which
    is overlap with the wavelength of the strongest absorption spectrum of chlorophyll,
    and supplies the required maximizes energy for the aquatic plants and achieves the
    most effective and highest light utilization rate.

    Unique ″Beeds″
    With the independent design UVWRRG(WRG)beeds.The unique full spectrum lamp
    beads which are integrated with 5 wavelengths and wave peeks Containing 410purple
    light, 630 oringe light, 660 red light 520 greed light, high color temperature, high
    blue light and white light.

    The real shot of testing

    Note: The picture is shotted with WRG120 flat lamp(Same beads with the WRG65/85 lamp)

    Good spectrum
    Different time periods with different spectral wavelengths, The light
    intensity is also different.
    Good specturem,Secret of bubbling on the aquatic plants

    Spectral analyzing
    Preset 4 modes + custom settings to meet the needs of different plants and users

    From the spectrum picture, there are 5 wave peaks. while ordinary RGB has only 3 wave peaks.
    The red and blue wave peaks are more suitable for chlorophyll absorption of aquatic plants and
    have stronger photosynthesis. With the full spectrum, the color rendering will be more complete.

    Effect comparison

    Comparison of WRG wavelength and chlorophyll range wavelength

    Netlea App can be downloaded from play store and apple store

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